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Aug 29th, 2011Marko_80 is now friends with Richie

Aug 29th, 2011Marko_80 commented on Marko_80's photo:

Yah. It is a candy green over gold undercoat. One of about 50 colors offered by the Marinoni factory. I would have preferred a silver undercoat, as the gold can show up as a little unflattering in certain...

Aug 29th, 2011Richie commented on Marko_80's photo:

I like the color. Never saw a bike that color before. I also have a couple old school bikes that are steel, but they last forever.

Aug 29th, 2011Richie added Marko_80 as a friend

Jul 1st, 2011Marko_80 created a new blog post:

Anyone follow the TdF?

About Me

Hometown: Springfield

Member Since: Dec 30th, 2010


Started cycling seriously in 1980 (at age 30!). Now in to my 60's, I am still at it, though without so much vigor. Most would consider me "old school" since both my bikes are steel, and the "new" one is approaching 17 years old. But they are both good steeds that have carried me tens of thousands of miles.

Favorite Type of Bike Riding

Riding through the countryside; Week long tours

Other Interests

Building, modifying and driving sports cars; Auto racing; Building bikes for my brothers


Marinoni Big Green Machine
Type: Road Bike
Added: Dec 30th, 2010
Views: 3847
Super Street Miyata
Type: Road Bike
Added: Dec 30th, 2010
Views: 3866
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