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I love to bake and bike.


Feb 14th, 2011Feltz90 joined the MyBikeSpot community!

About Me

Hometown: Milwaukie

Member Since: Feb 14th, 2011


I started cycling when I was 14 on a bike my brother hand built. Since that time I've mostly been a casual cyclist - road events, etc., from California to Colorado and now here to Oregon. My passion for cycling has waned over the years and with the purchase of a new bike, my beloved Felt, I hope to rekindle that fire.

Favorite Type of Bike Riding


Favorite Bike Company

Bike N Hike Milwaukie

Other Interests

I'm a professional baker who's trying hard not to look like a professional baker. I bake healthy bread products and sell them at local Farmers Markets. I am totally sold out on supporting local small businesses and keeping it green.


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