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I am lying wide awake looking straight up at the moon dipping in and out of the clouds. It is halfway through the sky which means there are still a few hours left until sunrise. My mind is racing, trying to fall back asleep is futile. Whether I like it or not I am up for the day.

The moon casts a blue white glow on the sand and the ocean is dark indigo. Washing up onto the beach are fluorescent white breakers. I decide to try to soak in some of the beauty and take a stroll towards the lighted up hotels to the south. Walking eases my mind a little and gives me something to do. The air is warm with a pleasant light breeze on my back. Everything is silent except the waves, but their rhythmic droning brings peacefulness. It acts as a natural white noise that cancels all other noises.

I flip on my headlamp to examine a piece of driftwood and it bathes the beach in an unnatural light. I see a dozen startled ghost crabs wildly skitter sideways to avoid the unwelcome light. Some fling themselves into the surf, and others hightail it towards the dunes. I turn off the light and start to feel like I cease to physically exist and have become just an observer. I am a ghost floating along, watching, disturbing nothing. I pass a family playing in the waves if front of one of the brightly lit hotels. I want to ask them why they are in the water at such an odd time of night, but they donít acknowledge my presence. I walk until my legs get tired and remind me that I am corporeal.

The sun still shows no signs of rising when I get back to camp, but I decide to pack up and take off in the dark anyway. The roads are empty and all the sprinklers are on. The mist is invigorating and reminds me of how glad I am that it hasnít rained at all so far. I take advantage of the smooth pavement and still air and try to ignore the pains in my body and drift into a state of mindless pedaling while I wait for sunrise.



These are my observations, thoughts, feelings and musings as I go on an impulsive bike trip through Florida. It is a narrative, so if this is your first time looking at it I recommend that you start at the earliest post at the bottom.


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