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Website Changes

We have finally gotten back to work on mybikespot and made some changes, just in time to kick off the spring season. What has changed? Our logo has been upgraded and our top navigation has been reworked to be much smoother and quicker. We also shrunk the top header so that you can see more of the stuff that is important (bike photos!), all while hopefully making it look a little nicer. Over the winter we have also made a number of changes that make the site quicker so that you don't have to wait very long for the pages to load.

Sadly, we regret that we have no new features at the moment. Both David and I got swamped with work, so MyBikeSpot got a little neglected, but we are both back to it and are excited to be working on some new things for the site. It has been fun to watch the site grow, even in the middle of the winter. Stay tuned for updates on new features. We will be starting some new contests again soon as well. In the mean time, we hope you are able to enjoy some time on your bike between rain showers!

-Brandon and David-


MATERK said:

3:34pm on Sat Aug 13th, 2011

MATERK said:

Hi, You poor baby ! l thought of you today when we were listening to Aron of Between a Rock and a Hard Place (127 hours ) Struggles , struggles to get to your goal. Determination gets young long way and younhave plenty of that. God Bless !
3:38pm on Sat Aug 13th, 2011

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Cycledad! We drew your Schwinn bike out of the hat so to speak, so you win the $100 to Universal Cycles! Thank you Cycledad for adding all 4 of your bikes to MyBikeSpot,and thank you to everyone else that added their bikes as well. Our collection of bike photos and bike info is growing thanks to all of you.

We have more contests in the works, so check back often. As a quick hint, they will have less to do with what you own, and more to do with what you know :)

As always, we would love to hear any feedback from our users. Feel free to use the Feedback bar on the right of the screen, or just post your thoughts here. Thanks everyone for helping us build a new cycling community!


MyBikeSpot Contests and News

Some new things are being wrapped up, while more goodies are coming soon. First off, we have mostly completed a new "Blog" section that has been added to each persons profile. This is a place where you can write your stories, thoughts or ideas and share them with everyone on the site. You can also read the blogs written by other users. We have a fantastic blog written by Danielfeatherhead, as he rode his bike from Seattle, WA to Key West, FL. As the site grows, we hope to accumulate a great diversity of blogs all relating to cycling.

We recently started a new contest: For each bike added to our site (and has info well filled-in), the user gets an entry into a drawing for the $100 prize. Adding more bikes increases your chance of winning the drawing and the odds are quite good right now. Once this contest is over, we will be starting up another, so check back often or add your email on the right.

Articles, articles, articles. This is coming soon, and we are stoked about the possibilities here. We will write a few articles, but we are hoping that the collection of users will really run with this one. Just to make sure, one of our next contests will revolve around writing articles. While talking to some of you, we've realized there are nearly infinite bike articles that could be handy to have. We certainly look forward to reading and learning new bike things.

You can add your email on the right, or add our rss feed to get updates about our site, contests and other MyBikeSpot goodness. We will probably be writing new posts once or twice a month, so we won't overwhelm your email. Thanks for reading :)



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