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BenSwanson's Vintage Peugeot

Added on Sep 7th, 2010
Vintage Peugeot
  • Manufacturer:Peugeot

  • Model:UO-8?

  • Frame:Steel

  • Fork:Chromed steel

  • Shifters:Simplex

  • Brake Levers:Mafac

  • Derailers:Simplex

  • Wheels:Rigida

  • Crank:Stronglight

  • Brakes:Mafac "Racer"

  • Approximate weight:Heavy

  • Status:Sold

  • Other Info:

    I found this bike abandoned on the side of the road. It was missing some components (saddle, front brake, rear brake lever.)Put some work into it and sold it for a couple hundred dollars! Was a great find, just too big for me to keep and ride.

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Retrobiker said:

lovely bike! the fact the old Peugeots are a bit on the heavy side is more than made up for its stylish looks;-)
12:16pm on Sun Oct 24th, 2010

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