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Retrobiker's French Colnago Fixie

Added on Aug 20th, 2010
 French Colnago Fixie
  • Manufacturer:Minkewicz/Colnago

  • Frame:Steel

  • Fork:Steel

  • Size:58

  • Status:Sold

  • Other Info:

    a french company ( apparantly from a former pro rider who started selling his own brand under the colnago flag, so not the real thing...a nice bike however,built up as a singlespeed

  • Views:2802


Brandon said:

Looks nice! What is going on with the rear hub? Do you use a freewheel somehow to ride fixed, or is it a singlespeed in these photos?
7:58am on Sat Aug 21st, 2010

Retrobiker said:

sharp eye, Brandon! made a mistake in the text, its actually a singlespeed now ,whilst retaining the original rearwheel cassette,so easily converted back to normal road bike if needed.
8:45pm on Sun Aug 22nd, 2010

Brandon said:

Does it ever have trouble slipping like that? I've tried that, and the chain would slip every once in a while. Maybe it was just a coincidence though.
11:15pm on Sun Aug 22nd, 2010

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