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Rhane's Blue Pugeot Fixie

Added on May 6th, 2010
Blue Pugeot Fixie
  • Manufacturer:Pugeot

  • Frame:1971

  • Fork:Easton EC-90

  • Wheels:American classic hubs, Alex Rims

  • Crank:Cheap

  • Bottom Bracket:Frankenbracket (darn french threading)

  • Brakes:None

  • Seatpost:Thompson Elite

  • Tires:Specialized pro II

  • Pedals:Mismatched spd

  • Size:56cm

  • Approximate weight:15lbs

  • Status:Currently Owned

  • Other Info:

    Crazy Quick and reliable. In the last 2000 miles i just now replaced the chain and tires, no other maintenance needed.

  • Views:4304


Brandon said:

Man do I love that bike. Such a good example of what a fixie really should be. Well, except for the french frame... maybe you can swap that out someday.
9:18am on Thu May 6th, 2010

AntiochOG said:

This bike is sick and renews my desire to build a single speed.
10:13pm on Sun Dec 5th, 2010

Brandon said:

You should definitely do it! There are some sweet options out there for frames now that could make such a crazy fixie/singlespeed.
8:16am on Mon Dec 6th, 2010

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