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Mr_E_Helwig's Blue Devil

Added on May 4th, 2010
Blue Devil
  • Manufacturer:Nishiki

  • Model:Century

  • Frame:Chromoloy

  • Shifters:Shimano Z401

  • Brake Levers:Dia-Compe 500

  • Derailers:F: Shimano Z401 r: Shimano Tourney RD-TX71

  • Gears (f/r):R: Shimano HG70 8sp 11-28 cassette

  • Wheels:Mavic CXP21 w/ Shimano Ultregra hubs

  • Crank:Sugino

  • Brakes:Dia-Compe

  • Saddle:Selle Royal

  • Handlebars:Ritchey Pro Logic II

  • Tires:Vittoria Rubino 23-622 700x23c

  • Pedals:Origin 8 Pro Track Light

  • Size:56cm

  • Status:Currently Owned

  • Views:6215


Brandon said:

That is a nice looking bike :)
3:46pm on Sun May 30th, 2010

Mr_E_Helwig said:

thanks dude. I'm thinkin about an upgrade to Shimano PD-M324 pedals but i hear they rust and are heavy. Just lookin for the added power on the upstroke but still wanna be able to wear a regular shoe every now and a again.
9:43am on Thu Jun 3rd, 2010

Brandon said:

My wife uses those on her bike. She likes them because she can commute without her bike shoes, but then still go on a ride with me anytime. They do seem to be on the heavy side, but they haven't rusted on us yet, and they've been through some muddy cyclocross races even. I think that would be a cool upgrade :)
10:15am on Thu Jun 3rd, 2010

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