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Vivasprite's Commuter

Added on May 3rd, 2010
  • Manufacturer:Schwinn

  • Model:1971 Varsity

  • Saddle:Original

  • Approximate weight:Heavy

  • Status:Currently Owned

  • Views:1223


Brandon said:

Haha, yeah those things are beastly. I don't see any shifters, are you riding this one fixed/singlespeed too?
9:19am on Mon May 3rd, 2010

Trevor said:

i added you as a friend, because i love this bike. i love bikes! bikes, bikes bikes! i have a bicycle similar to this, a yello 1972 Schwinn Racer, which is basically the same thing, but came from Chicago as a three-speed. the bike is named Elizabeth Gurley Schwinn (why don't you "google" ELIZABETH GURLEY FLYNN, if you aren't already knowing who that is-- she was a REAL hero, one of my most favorite people). she was my cargo bike (by "cargo" i mean that i attached a HUGE basket to the front of her) until recently, when i got my DBS working, and mounted my HUGE basket onto her... but i do love this bike. i will put some more "profiles" of my other bikes, including Elizabeth Gurley Schwinn, and another "Chicago Schwinn" that i am re-building (i already built it once) for a friend of mine to take to Burning Man AGAIN....
12:25am on Thu May 13th, 2010

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