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Brandon's Schwinn Le Tour Fixie

Added on Apr 30th, 2010
Schwinn Le Tour Fixie
  • Manufacturer:Schwinn

  • Model:Le Tour IV

  • Frame:Chicago built steel

  • Fork:Steel

  • Shifters:None

  • Brake Levers:Crappy

  • Gears (f/r):39/15

  • Wheels:Forte Titan front, CR18 & Formula flip/flop rear

  • Crank:Dimension

  • Seatpost:Steel

  • Saddle:San Marco Ischia

  • Tires:Hutchinson/Kenda

  • Size:53cm

  • Approximate weight:22lbs

  • Status:Sold

  • Other Info:

    As far as Schwinn's go, I was quite impressed with how this bike rode, and how light it really got to be, especially considering it still had a steel seatpost and other not so great parts. It seems like wheels can really make a bike.

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Retrobiker said:

missed this one,I really like it,nice classic frame and looks allright with the modern wheels,wheels do make a difference you are right;-)
8:49pm on Sun Aug 22nd, 2010

Brandon said:

Thanks :) I really liked this one too, it was fun to play around and looked sharp too.
11:13pm on Sun Aug 22nd, 2010

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