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Added on Jan 12th, 2013
  • Manufacturer:Benotto?.

  • Model:Triahtlon, or model 5000

  • Frame:Steel

  • Fork:Steel chrome

  • Headset:Miche

  • Shifters:Benotto

  • Brake Levers:Sun Tour

  • Derailers:Benotto

  • Wheels:Shimano

  • Crank:Ofmega

  • Bottom Bracket:Ofmega

  • Brakes:Benotto

  • Seatpost:K9

  • Saddle:Selle Italia

  • Handlebars:K9

  • Stem:K9

  • Tires:Maxxis

  • Pedals:MKS

  • Size:56 cm. c-t-c

  • Approximate weight:9 1/2 kg.

  • Status:Build in Process

  • Other Info:

    I found this picture in flea market has flat oval tubing, has heart cut in BB, which I suppose is a Benotto ago, no marks no indication that manufacturer did, I polished the frame, no paint, makes it nice to look at, if anyone knows anything I would appreciate more, thanks community.

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Brandon said:

Looks like a fun bike frame. Nice work polishing it up, it looks really shiny and nice!
8:45am on Sun Jan 13th, 2013


hello! Brandon. Thanks for your comment, the handle is quite comfortable, apparently not, this bike is very comfortable and fast, brightness that has nice patina looks great, at least for me, great place, this community, keep in touch Brandon, greetings.
12:50pm on Sun Jan 13th, 2013

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