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JoeCooper's 2010 Allez

Added on Apr 8th, 2011
2010 Allez
  • Manufacturer:Specialized

  • Model:Allez triple

  • Frame:Aluminum

  • Fork:Carbon

  • Shifters:Tiagra/sora

  • Derailers:Tiagra/sora

  • Brakes:Sora

  • Saddle:I'm using the original saddle that came with my wifes Norco indie 2

  • Handlebars:Not sure but i'm told they're very narrow :)

  • Stem:Richie pro, lots of rise for comfort

  • Tires:5mm thick everwear 23's. There's alot of glass and blackberry vines around my p

  • Pedals:Spd"s

  • Size:54cm

  • Approximate weight:20ish with the gps and fender and lights

  • Status:Currently Owned

  • Other Info:

    Its got the Garmin 705 strapped to it which i've really been enjoying. Its nice to see alot of different types of data at a quick glance.

  • Views:2781


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