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Our goal at is to bring together all types of cyclists from around the world to create a social network full of comraderie and info. Through user generated info, (thats you!) we hope to create the greatest data base of info including: bike related articles, links to manufacturers, photos, trails and maps, bike shop locations, product reviews, and much more than I can list here. We strive to keep it simple and organized, while providing a framework that will allow bikers to add to this website from what they have learned from their own experiences. It is the collection of people that makes this site great; we need your help and your knowledge. Of course there will also be occasional contests and prizes for those who contribute to the site.

We do this in order to promote bicycling, the joy of riding, and the benefits to both society and every cyclist. We hope that our website will make it easier for people first being introduced to biking, as well as being useful to others at all levels of the cycling community.

About the Creators


My passion is for biking. My most recent real job was delivering pizzas on a bike in Seattle, WA. It is absolutely amazing to get paid to ride a bike. I love seeing people find the joy of biking, and that has become a big inspiration to me. I am on a huge learning curve for both bike related things and everything that goes along with creating a website. I want this site to be the best that it can be, so send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I will respond as quickly as I can.

Of course I have to say thank you to my family and friends that have fully supported me with this adventure, especially my wife who has been a solid rock of support and help to me.


David is my right hand man. He is the one who sparked the idea within me for this site, and ever since then he has been truly helpful. His chief job has been designing the website, which he has done a great job at, but he has also helped me on so many other levels. He is truly a blessing to have alongside me on this adventure. Best of all, I think he has grown to love biking even more as we go along! Thank you for all of your hard work David.

Check out David's website at

Sincerely, thank you to our users! Our site depends on you.

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